Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Accepted into the 50-50 Show!

After weeks and weeks of anticipation I have just been accepted into the Sanchez Art Center's Second Annual 50-50 Show. This means that beginning May 17 and ending July 5, 2010, I will be on a mission to create 50 small works over the course of 50 days. This is a special opportunity for me, since I have recently found my creative juices rolling on hyperdrive. I have hundreds of sketches, and literally a hundred more ideas floating around in my head, just waiting for an opportunity to leap into existence. My theme for the these 50 days will be "Rising Tides and Crumbling Coastlines", which we be a continuation into my already deep fascination with natural disasters and the ecological state of the world. Each piece will be 6" x 6", and I intend to post my progress on my deviantART page. So stay tuned!

The grand opening is Friday, July 30, 6-10pm at the Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica, CA.

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